May 282019

WSJ-SocialMedia-UsevsUsefulnessOur Geeks came across an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal last week about the use of social media by small businesses:
“Small Firms Say LinkedIn Works, Twitter Doesn’t”   (31 January 2013)

Note: Unlike most WSJ articles, this story is unlocked, which means non-subscribers can read the whole story!  It’s worth the read!

The Wall Street Journal polled small business owners last month to better understand their use of social media.  Not surprisingly, owners of small firms generally have limited money and time to figure out the most useful ways to tap into social media.
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May 222019

Our Geeks noticed some interesting statistics about increasing ad click volumes in a recent Wall Street Journal article, “Google Stems Ad-Price Fall” (23JAN13, pB1).

In particular:

  • The Trend Towards Mobile: Year over year, the number of ads clicked on mobile devices grew +152% on smartphones and +157% on tablets (while PC ad clicks were down 10%)
  • Value of Ads on Tablets: At 80 cents, the price of each clicked-through ad on a tablet was slightly higher than the 79 cent ad rate for PCs, showing the value companies see in tablet advertising
  • Mobile Device Share of Clicks Growing: There were 109.1 million ad clicks in 4Q 2012, with 76% of those on PCs, 16% on smartphones, and 8% on tablets

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May 102019

A January 14, 2013 Wall Street Journal article:
     “Stores Hunt for Tech: At NRF Conference, Mobile Strategies Become Major Focus”
Has an interesting statistic about in-store mobile device usage and its impact on retail sales.


From the article:
Getting the mobile strategy right can make a big difference for retailers, said Alison Paul, leader of Deloitte’s retail and distribution practice.

When consumers use mobile devices in physical stores, there is a 72% chance they will turn their browsing into actual purchases, a 14% increase above those who don’t use mobile devices, Ms. Paul said.
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