Jun 172019

Explainer Videos are 30 second advertisements, explaining a product, a service, or business.    Buyers understand advertisements.  Buyers are used to videos.   Your business can be better understood through an Explainer Video.

Explainer Videos are a must have if you want your company to get better visibility and conversions.   We are a nation of advertisements.   Advertisements are quick.   Advertisements work.  With an Explainer Video, a buyer can quickly determine whether your company, product or service is something he’s interested in.

There are many companies that develop Explainer Videos, and done correctly, they can be very effective for delivering your message and increasing conversions.   However, there are some simple mistakes that can crippled conversions.  These mistakes happen in both small to large businesses.   .   Here are some surefire mistakes.

Mistake #1.    No compelling reason to play the video.   Why should your buyer play your video?  Countless websites have a videos that are never played.   There are many reasons:  the website is faster to read, the video looks boring, the video looks long and tedious, the video looks like a sales job.

My advise:  Get back to basicsThe buyer has to have a reason to play the Explainer Video.  The static page should be very appealing and have a strong and compelling reason to play the video.  Not just a click icon, or play me but a compelling reason to play the video.

You can do this several ways, first creating a great static page and then surrounding it with a great head line, that compells a buyer to play the video.   Use words that sell.
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