Jun 082019


As search momentum shifts towards mobile devices, the Wall Street Journal reports that Google will soon start charging for ads on some mobile devices, such as tablets. See full article: “Google Acts to Raise Mobile-Ad Prices” (7 February 2013, pB7).

Under Google’s change, called “enhanced campaigns,” the company also said it will require advertisers to pay for ads on tablets even if they only want to reach personal-computer users.  All AdWords advertisers will be “upgraded” to “enhanced campaigns” by mid-2013, Google said in its blog post alerting advertisers to the change.
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Apr 302019

“Do we own our website?”
It seems like the answer to this question should be obvious, but we have consistently found that small business owners do need to ask this question. Unfortunately, if the website was built by a typical web design company, they may be surprised to find that the answer is “no”.

Case in Point: We recently worked with a client who was disappointed (even horrified!) to find that they did not own any of the text, photos, or illustrations on their websites.   Even worse, they found that the web design firm had snuck in its own advertising

To help others avoid this bad surprise, our geek team came up with a short list of questions every small business should ask their website designer:
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