May 102019

A January 14, 2013 Wall Street Journal article:
     “Stores Hunt for Tech: At NRF Conference, Mobile Strategies Become Major Focus”
Has an interesting statistic about in-store mobile device usage and its impact on retail sales.


From the article:
Getting the mobile strategy right can make a big difference for retailers, said Alison Paul, leader of Deloitte’s retail and distribution practice.

When consumers use mobile devices in physical stores, there is a 72% chance they will turn their browsing into actual purchases, a 14% increase above those who don’t use mobile devices, Ms. Paul said.

As a result, more retailers are expected to jump on the bandwagon of offering free Wi-Fi service in their stores this year, she said.

(More about the Deloitte “2012 Holiday Survey“)

 If true, this is an intriguing statistic correlating higher mobile device in-store usage with increased likelihood of purchase.  HOWEVER, the article doesn’t give the cause of this behavior.

So, why do you think people using mobile devices would be more likely to make an in-store purchase?
 – They can read reviews about a product online to finalize their decision?
 – They spend more time in the store because they are more comfortable with the free Wi-Fi?
 – People that use mobile devices tend to make more purchases more anyways?

We geeks aren’t sure of the answer but it does point to the continued need of small and mid-sized businesses to consider offering free Wi-Fi to customers and ensuring they have defined processes for working with customers with mobile devices (such as offering a price match policy).