May 222019

Our Geeks noticed some interesting statistics about increasing ad click volumes in a recent Wall Street Journal article, “Google Stems Ad-Price Fall” (23JAN13, pB1).

In particular:

  • The Trend Towards Mobile: Year over year, the number of ads clicked on mobile devices grew +152% on smartphones and +157% on tablets (while PC ad clicks were down 10%)
  • Value of Ads on Tablets: At 80 cents, the price of each clicked-through ad on a tablet was slightly higher than the 79 cent ad rate for PCs, showing the value companies see in tablet advertising
  • Mobile Device Share of Clicks Growing: There were 109.1 million ad clicks in 4Q 2012, with 76% of those on PCs, 16% on smartphones, and 8% on tablets

Our Geek Analysis:
These trend towards mobile device searching will likely continue, underlining the growing importance for local businesses to be visible and well-represented on mobile devices, through both Local Listings (especially Google Places) and via customized mobile websites.

The raw data (4Q 2012):

Device = PC
Cost per click = 79 cents
Total Clicks = 83.1 million
Change from 2011 = Down 10%
Device = Smartphones
Cost per click = 54 cents
Total Clicks = 17.6 million
Change from 2011 = Up 152%
Device = Tablet
Cost per click = 80 cents
Total Clicks = 8.4 million
Change from 2011 = Up 157%