Geeks Marketing | Marketing Agency

Geeks Marketing is a full-service Marketing Agency utilizing strategies, tools and techniques to build business brands for our clients.  We don’t build websites, we “partner” with our clients to use technology to achieve business goals.  We grow brands using both Internet and traditional methods of marketing.  The GeeKin our name conveys the dedicated spirit, focus, and interests of our team. We love all technology and wanted to use a word that conveys our spirit.  However, most importantly, we are a team of “geeks” focused on leveraging all of our experience to help your business succeed.

We have 10+ operating websites that focus on a specific strategies.   We have our ‘Geeks’ dedicated to each individual strategy, working, apply and and MASTERING each strategy.   But the real power emerges when combining these strategies with the goals and objectives of our clients.   We measure our progress against milestone deliverables and statistics, tracking and always moving toward successes.
In our seven years as an  internet marketing company, we believe the only way to achieve excellent results is by entering a “Partnership” with our clients.  We can consult, train, and implement, but many of the strategies are a processes that need client support to implement.   We like clients to think of us as their Marketing Department in which we:

  • Align Marketing Goals with StrategiesTogether we formulate a plan, in which your business can achieve its Financial and Business Goals.
  • Only support one Client in an IndustryWe do not want any type of conflicts or favorites. We want to help our client become the BEST in their industry by using all the tactics and skills to make you stand above your competition and become an trusted authority in your respective field.
  • Establish Great PartnershipsGreat partnerships are when both sides know and take the responsibilities they have been assigned. Marketing is hard work, requiring interaction to succeed.
  • Achieve GoalsWe want to be your partner, to achieve your Business Goals.  We do this with project plans that deliver results, using our expertise, tools, skills and tactics.